Technical concultancy

Consulting services

The experienced scientific staff of CRIC-OCCN’s laboratory also provides technical assistances to any person requiring advice on a specific question concerning the technology of concrete and the development of compositions (theoretical study, production, tests on fresh and hardened concrete).

Concrete apparent

Thanks to our mobile laboratory, we can realize, for administrations and entrepreneurs, an evaluation directly on site of fresh (slump, mass density, air content, water…) or hardened concrete by core drilling. Those cores are then analysed in the laboratory (compression strength, splitting resistance…).

Furthermore, for the works needing an evaluation before our intervention, we can pinpoint the fittings in the concrete and make an evaluation of the compression strength of the concrete by series of sclerotic measurements. This expertise is always validated by a small number of destructive tests in order to guarantee the reliability of the results. When needed, tests for the diagnose of contingent pathologies are possible, such as the carbonatation front, dosage of chlorides …