The Research Department

We find traces of a Research Department within the Groupements Professionnels du Ciment (G.P.C) since 1926. Its laboratories were already located at the ULB on the Solbosch Campus in Brussels. After the foundation of the Federal Centre CRIC-OCCN, the Department resumes its Research activities in 1959 for the Cement industry (federation FEBELCEM) and in 1994 for the industry of ready-mix concrete (federation FedBeton).

Many Research projects of CRIC-OCCN are directly supported by the cement industry and the industry for ready-mix concrete and are thus realised on own Investment. The Research Department also realizes European, regional and private researches. The main subjects of those researches are the development of testing methods (which are re-used in routine by the Testing Department), the new cementmaterials and their components, the durability of cementmaterials, concrete and its components, recycling, environment and health, exposed concrete…

Following list shows the researches and guidances of the past five years. It gives a good overview of our existing know-how:

The Research Department also provides the technology watch of the Centre. We also realize specific tests and expertises on cement, mortar, concrete and their components. Composed of a physicist, two chemists, a geologist and an engineer in materials, it reassembles people of the specific field of cement-based materials. Their long experience can be shared with young scientists. Thus, the Department regularly takes charge of the training of new researchers through PhDs, national and international end-of-study works, traineeships… A dynamic pool of competences is developed, which can later be valued within the other Departments of CRIC-OCCN and of other contributing societies. Each member also contributes to the activities of the other Departments. This by participating in national and international standardisation activities, traineeships, audits, health & safety of the Centre, the library….

Fundamental Research

Service Research

The added value of CRIC-OCCN?

You benefit from cutting-edge scientific
knowledge with state-of-the-art equipment
and techniques.



Our extensive experience in the research
of cement, mortar, concrete and their
constituents at your service.

You can count on knowledge that is
continually optimised by our participation
in international standardisation groups.

We closely monitor technological
developments in our area of expertise
and assist in international conferences.

You reap the benefits of numerous exchanges
and collaborations with the academic community
thanks to our laboratory on the ULB Solbosch campus.