What is essential is invisible to the eye*

*Le petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Would you imagine the importance of a standard? Be it during the construction, the use or the processing of concrete or other materials: the stability of a building can depend on it! Thanks to our implication in the process of standardisation, the CRIC-OCCN contributes in a very active way to your security.

Sector operator indicated by the NBN, the CRIC-OCCN manages, at the Belgian level,  the standardisation commissions for cement (E051), concrete (E104), aggregates (E154) as well as other components of concrete (more particularly masonry cement – E1250002).

Thanks to the service of the Standards-Antenna Cement-Concrete and Components , you are welcome at the CRIC-OCCN with all your questions concerning Standardisation: both for correct interpretation of the standards as for explanations of the tests.

On European and international levels, the CRIC-OCCN participates in technical committees (TC):

MaterialEuropean standardisationInternational standardisation
ConcreteCEN/TC 104ISO/TC 71
Cement and building limeCEN/TC 51**ISO/TC 74**
AggregatesCEN/TC 154ISO/TC 71 SC 3
Fiber-cement products for roofing framework CEN/TC 128 SC 4**/
Reinforced fiber-cement products/ISO/TC 77**

** Secretariat of the TC in the hands of the CRIC-OCCN

Standardization Activities

Sector operator for Standardization

Coordinator of technical groups

The added value of CRIC-OCCN?

Expert opinion in the field of standardisation

Accurate answers by our experts,

To be at the origin of a standard, from its creation to its revision.

Do not hesitate to call on CRIC-OCCN !