About us

CRIC-OCCN is the collective research center for the cement sector and the sector of ready-mix concrete. The three main activities of the center of competence are scientific research, service rendering researches and standardisation in the fields of cement, concrete and their components. Those activities and their content are described furthermore on this website.

The center of competence serves its members in the first place: the federation of the Belgian Industry of Cement FEBELCEM and its members as well as the federation for ready-mix concrete FedBeton and its members.  The orientation of the research is discussed in concertation with both sectors. More in general the building sector is, wherever cement materials are used, the natural field of interest for the center.

From a social anxiety for the environment, durability is a key driver for our activities and an important aspect of many projects: both in the meaning of “durability”, the extension of the life span of cement materials, as in the meaning of “sustainability”, the careful handling of natural resources.

The CRIC-OCCN is member of :