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Concrete-Mortar-Aggregates Standards Antenna

The advent of the common market brought a complex standardisation problem to light: where did the application of NBN LogoEuropean standards (CEN) fit in with the national standards (NBN)? The Standards Antennas have been introduced as a response to this problem and to inform and make companies aware of the standards and their importance in the competitive market.
In the construction sector, the Standards Antennas have been put into effect in collaboration with the CSTC. Through the Concrete-Mortar-Aggregates Standards Antenna, CRIC-OCCN provides you with technical standards documentation and answers all your questions on standards relating to various construction materials, in terms of calculations, resistance, methods, interpretation, etc.

Our other Standardisation Activities

The brand BENOR is a property of the Bureau for Standardisation (NBN), in charge of the elaboration and the sale of standards in Belgium. 

The brand BENOR certifies the conformity of a product or service with the standards of technical quality that has been aproved by the stakeholders concerned with its market launch. Once adopted, those standards are put in a normative document, called "Technical Requirements" ( Prescriptions Techniques – Technische Voorschriften (PTV)).

The brand BENOR systematically covers all relevant caracteristics of the product or service in its application and implementation by the user, may he be private or public. The declared performances therefore correspond to the quality expectations of the concerned field and its clients.


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